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Aruba Peace Labyrinth at Alto Vista

The Aruba Peace Labyrinth behind the Alto Vista Chapel has been in existence for over 16 years now and is walked daily by many for prayer, reflection or relaxation. In 2019 we completely restored the labyrinth with 70 Aruba Doet volunteers and in 2020 we also cleaned the labyrinth and planted trees. The 2022 project includes the following tasks: 1. Gardening including trimming branches, cleaning & removing weeds. 2. Plant some new local trees and shrubs. 3. Reshape the paths and the rosette in the center of the labyrinth. 4. Refill the paths with sand. When we completed the work, volunteers can walk the labyrinth together for healing and peace in this world. If you would like to volunteer at the Aruba Peace Labyrinth, please register via this website so that we can send you the information. Please note that this is a sunny outdoor event, so please wear sunscreen, cap or hat, sunglasses and comfortable clothes. We would appreciate if you could bring gardening tools, shovel, bucket, weed clippers, gardening gloves. Grateful to all the volunteers of Aruba Doet who help us keep the Aruba Peace Labyrinth clean and beautiful so that the path of the labyrinth can be walked daily for contemplation and relaxation.
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More information about the Aruba Peace Labyrint and its activities you may find https://www.facebook.com/arubapeacelabyrinth/
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