MARCH 15 & 16, 2024

Participate as individual

Join with friends or family

Of course private persons can participate in ARUBA DOET as well, individually, with friends or with the whole family. There is always a project to do that best suits you or your group. Pruning bushes in the garden of an neighborhood center, build up a part of the garden in an elderly home to give residents the opportunity to sit outside, renovate the playground in a school, or repaint the canteen of a soccer club are just four of the endless possibilities. The island is full of potential projects and is always in need of volunteers. Find an exciting project and sign up!

Participate as a group

Togehter we make it work! Why not participate as a group? Gather your friends, colleagues, members or your (sporting) club/foundation or classmates and find a project. A beautiful way to do something good.

Add your name or logo

When you participate as a group, during registration you can mention the name of your group and/or add a logo. In this way you can easily make additional promotion for your company, foundation, sporting club, school or serviceclub.

How can you participate?

From late December onwards, the “Project overview” button will list dozens of jobs that need to get done on Aruba. You can contact the organization that you have selected to get more details and exchange information.

Want to know more?

We will gladly give you more information and answer your questions if you send us an email to arubadoet@cedearuba.org, WhatsApp to (+297) 5611644 or call (+297) 582-7666 and ask for the ARUBA DOET team.