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Attention to all foundations, care homes, schools and sport associations!

This is your chance to get big projects done and find new volunteers. Freshen up the playground or paint the walls of a school or youth center, organize an excursion for the elderly or redecorate the sports canteen.

It is easy to participate!

All you have to do is register your project or activity on this website. Volunteers can sign up via the website to help you out.

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Would you like to roll up your sleeves and volunteer for (part of) a day at a foundation, school, care home, neighborhood organization, scouting group or sport club?

Participate with your family, colleagues, team mates or class mates. See the volunteering world up close, help organizations get the job done and have a great time doing it! Look for interesting jobs from end of December 2018 onwards and sign up as a volunteer!

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DOET Participants

The DOET event is the biggest volunteer event in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Yes, besides ARUBA DOET there are BON DOET, CURA DOET, NL DOET, Statia DOET & SXM DOET! We ALL are ON!

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Aruba DOET

184 Projects | 1,728 Volunteers

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Bonaire DOET

73 Projects | 407 Volunteers

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Curaçao DOET

340 Projects | 2,936 Volunteers

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Nederland DOET

9818 Projects

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14 Projects | 104 Volunteers

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Statia DOET

47 Projects | 283 Volunteers

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St. Maarten DOET

113 Projects | 965 Volunteers

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Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of March 2019, CEDE Aruba in cooperation with the Oranje Fonds will be organizing ARUBA DOET, the biggest volunteer event on Aruba.

The Netherlands and five Caribbean islands highlight these volunteer initiatives and they stimulate everyone to donate their time to help out the people who need it. This helps everyone! 

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